Monthly Archives: May 2017

Car wash

On Friday we had a lot of fun washing cars (as part of our topic on Transport)

The cars were looking a little grubby, so the children put them through the car wash, using the foam to clean them, and then rinsed them off. Well done girls and boys, great cleaning!


Healthy Food

As part of our topic on gardening, we have been talking about which food which get from plants.

Today the children had the opportunity to talk about healthy eating with Miss Meade, and to┬átry some healthy foods – this included pepper, tomato, mango, apple, banana, pear, red onion, carrot celery. Many of the children tried most of the foods, we were really proud of them.


Plants and gardening topic

We have had a lot of fun so far this term learning about plants and gardens. Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of what we have been doing.

This is the role play area set up as a garden centre

We did some observational drawings of flowers

The small world table was set up as first a nature garden, and then a flower fairy garden . . . the children have really loved making up stories in this area and getting into character


We planted ‘beans in bags’ and have hung them on the window. We are hoping that they will all grow and we are checking daily for any changes!


Finally, today we set up the sensory table as a wonderful, gloopy, green petal garden. The children had so much fun playing in it, as you can see!


We have also been painting with celery and carnations, been counting and matching flowers to vases and created a ‘flowers in vase’ picture.