Monthly Archives: March 2017


This week we have had a lot of fun with our mini-topic, pirates

We have been listening to pirate stories, playing pirate games, doing pirate puzzles, digging for treasure in the sand, dressing up as pirates, chalking pirate flags, making boats and seeing if they float or sink, to name just some of the activities that have been going on!

I am sure your children will have lots to tell you about this week, but here are some pictures if you’d like to see it for yourself!

We will be doing some more activities related to pirates next week, and also thinking about Easter.


Cookie the rabbit visit

A couple of weeks ago Cookie the rabbit visited us in our Nursery classroom. Here are a few photographs of him with the children. The children really enjoyed his visit and we had lots of really interesting conversations about how to care for a rabbit (and other pets).

There are more photographs on the ILD so don’t forget to check that, too!


Bug table

As we have had a caterpillar in class, we have been talking about and thinking about caterpillars, butterflies and other insects.

Our sensory table was set up as a ‘bug table’ with different bugs, grass, mud, leaves, twigs etc. for the children to explore and use their imaginations. It was a lot of fun.

We also buried bugs in the sand for the children to dig for and find.

Foam fun

Today we had out one of our favourite activities on the sensory table – the foam fire.

The task was to put out the fire with pipettes and water.

The activity is great for fine motor skills, eg pencil grip. The children also just really enjoy experimenting with, and handling, the foam and pipettes. Apologies if any of the children came home with some foam on their coats, it should wash or wipe off easily.