Monthly Archives: February 2017

Monkey Puzzle

As part of our topic looking at Julia Donaldson books, we have been looking at Monkey Puzzle and thinking about the jungle and what you might find there.

Last week we had a ‘jungle table’ set up which the children thoroughly enjoyed; we also did step by step snake drawing, set up a vets corner (where we could take poorly pets or wild animals!) and made feather parrots and hanging snakes in the craft area.

Here are some photos of our jungle week. 

Outside area

On Friday the children had a lovely time exploring the outside area. After several days (weeks?) of rain and/or cold we were able to really enjoy the time outside. Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying the area, including bikes, scooters, stilts, sensory table (sorry parents for the cornflour on coats), musical instruments, cars, chalking, riding in the bus, and much, much more.